Of course, you should never trust Spring when it pokes its head out in March. Still too early your Mom used to mumble. Your red Stanfields one-piece union suit (c/w trap door) remains accessible. You won’t switch your closet over to spring mode (moving the sweaters and long sleeves to the rear, whilst moving / culling your too-old, too-worn spring rags, new just two years past) just yet. Last week you considered relocating the snow shovels to the side door – a not-subtle elbow to the North Wind that would have said, go home, yard wrecker. White rabbits still ply your neighbour’s lilac. The deck is slippery. Your aluminum shovel, proudly found late last season when you thought they’d be sold out, is called back into service. You let the sparrows work their songs. You shovel snow with Billy Collins, because he shoveled snow with The Buddha.


Guess what? The 2015 Edmonton Poetry Festival is offering no less than THREE workshops during festival week. You can check them out on our workshop page. You’ve got your choice of Haiku in the Japanese Garden, a wonderful chance to commune with the aforementioned Buddha in a workshop led by Patrick Pilarski (editor of Daily Haiku); Spend a day working with the amazing Sue Goyette, and get your poems moving; learn how to perform with skill and passion in a performance poetry workshop with Edmonton’s Poet Laureate Mary Pinkoski (she doesn’t do many workshops, so jump on it!).

You know we’re on Facebook, right? Well, we’ve posted many of our event details there for those that like to use Facebook to keep up with things (it can be handy for that!). Check out our page for all the event listings and details…“join” an event if you’re planning to attend!

And one last thing: Tickets for our events are moving. They’re going. If you haven’t jumped yet, do it. Don’t come crying when these events sell out!

Less than a month to go, Edmonton! We’re ready to move…are you?