Deadline for event signups is Thursday, April 1, 2010, 12:00 midnight. That’s Thursday midnight, NOT Wednesday midnight. You can signup here if you haven’t already. You have a little over two days left to get your name in for this year’s sweaty poetic clambake, otherwise known as The Edmonton Poetry Festival, sometimes known as “PoFest”, and to those hip enough, simply “the po” (lower case). If I had my way I’d call this thing “the po”, but I’m just a lowly website updater guy with more time than Carters has pills (ref). In any case, this puppy’s gonna roll with or without your versified brilliance, so you might as well hop on board and show us what you got.

And hey, further to the news about our new Twitter feed, we have a whopping FOUR FOLLOWERS already. FOUR, for gawd’s sake. My Pomeranian has more followers. For the love of all that’s good and holy, follow us on Twitter and don’t make this any more embarrassing than it already is.

Remember: you have two days left to sign up. Sign up or forever hold your peace.