Hello all who have boldly signed themselves up for Edmonton’s party of words – The Edmonton Poetry Festival. We’ve received over one hundred signups! A hundred! That’s super cool, and we thank you for making this festival a beautiful thing. If you haven’t heard from us, don’t panic. We have received your signup requests and we’ve received all your inquires and emails too. At this time, we’re wading through our inbox. We’ll shoot you an email within the next week or so to confirm the details of your sign up AND to answer and inquiries or questions you may have.

We’re leaving signups open for a few days, just so we can accommodate any stragglers or holidayers who may have missed the call and deadline. So if you haven’t signed up yet, please step this way and submit the form.

Once again, thanks too all those who have signed up. We’ll get back to you soon with details. Watch this space for more news as it pops up.

Talk to you soon.