…across a new front page sky. So sayeth the poet Tom Waits in his classic Shiver Me Timbers. We may have a few clouds, and our boys and girls in Beijing have surely grabbed a few headlines, but at the PoFest offices we have some solid headliners. Liners of the head. Burrowers into the depths of human creativity. Goers to those places that us mere mortals only muse about. We’ve got Christian Bök booked for our sound poetry extravaganza on Friday, September 12, 2008. We’ve got the “Big-B”, Brendan McLeod on Saturday, September 13, 2008. E-Town’s own reigning queen of poetry, Mary Pinkoski, will be joining us on Saturday as well. You can see them all on the newly constructed headliners page.

We’ve got a few more names that are 90% confirmed. Just waiting to nail down a few pesky details. We’ll let you know when they’re booked.