A few changes and updates you should be aware of:

  1. We’ve added a bunch of authors to the headliners page and you should check it out. Tons of great names doing great events. And hey, what other festival will bring you legends like Don McKay and George Bowering alongside artists like Cadence Weapon?
  2. We’ve made some tweaks to the schedule as far as venues go, so check out the schedule for complete details. The Talonbooks Launch has a new venue, and the Try Your Tongue at Translation workshop has moved as well.
  3. The notorious Poetry Sweatshop has reared its stinking, horrific head once again. Should be a shaker, and remember to bring another liver (and a backbone – this baby ain’t for the faint of heart).

On another note, let’s talk about volunteers. Without volunteers, the Edmonton Poetry Festival will cease to exist. This year, we need people for a range of duties and we’re calling on you to lend a hand in making this festival as good as it can be. To give you an idea of what we’re after, you should check out our volunteerism PDF for details. You can contact us through this website if you’re interested in lending your skills and talent to the festival.