Word Bridges

Actually, one week less a day. The Edmonton Poetry Festival begins on Sunday April 20, 2014 with a killer event featuring New Mexican poet and musician, Joy Harjo. There are still a few tickets left for that, and it promises to be a great kickoff to the festival. April 20 is Easter Sunday of course, but don’t let the Easter Bunny prevent your enjoyment of the poetic season. In fact, one should never trust or give quarter to the Easter Bunny. A rabbit imbued with mythical, possibly nefarious special powers? Suspect.

Monday to Friday during the festival, you can check out “Poetry Central” in Churchill Square. You can get information about the festival, pick up a program, and do a bunch of other cool things like make a poem with our word blocks (so cool!). Poetry Central is open daily in Churchill Square, Monday April 21 to Friday April 25.

If you haven’t already, you should have a look at our schedule and map out your week. Will you Blink on Monday, Slam on Tuesday, and Laugh on Wednesday? Or will you brush up on your Fran├žais on Thursday, get Red and aroused on Friday, and take in the whole day of festivities on Saturday? And will you still have the jam for the Cafe Readings on Sunday?

Yes. Yes to everything. Yes to saying yes. Yes to breaking out of your little world. Yes to not being so earnest. Yes to wearing red and not diverting your eyes. Yes to bridges of words – thin and strong and temporary. Yes to continuance and grace. Yes to mystery and leaving. Yes to one week a year – a single week! – devoted to the best of language. Yes to moving to the edges of your musts. Yes to throwing away that love note again and again.

Join us on the streets and in the halls. We need your ears and your words.