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Empowering youth with platforms for artistic and individual expression.

Ink Movement is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting arts culture in Edmonton. Their projects include conferences, workshops, open mics and more! Their greatest accomplishments include our annual Youth Anthology which provides an accessible publication opportunity for creative youths.

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Natasha Ridell

Natasha Riddell is in her third year of a BA in Drama at the University of Alberta. Her passion is devising pieces for theatre– some of which start off as poems. She is thrilled to share some art with you all and hopes you enjoy.

Maya Nagorski

Maya Nagorski is a 20 year old Immunology and Infection major, and the current Co-President of Ink Movement Edmonton. She hopes to share her love of poetry and promote Ink Movement’s mission statement of youth arts advocacy.

Charlayne Augustin

Having been a professional reader for nearly two decades (read: since birth), Charlayne has accrued a healthy collection of scribbled-in notebooks and scrap papers full of sporadic writing. Drawing inspiration from the interplay of visual arts and written word, her writing stems from and comes back to the heart!