2023 Headliners

Headshot of poet Joe Bishop, a white man wearing a brown hat, square-shaped glasses, and a green golf shirt.

Joe Bishop

Joe Bishop is the author of the chapbook Dissociative Songs. His work has appeared in literary journals across Canada and abroad. He has a BA in English from Memorial University. He lives in St. ... Read More 

Ty Bruce

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Headshot of poet Paige Cardinal, an Indigenous woman with long dark hair and dark eyes. She is wearing a white t-shirt and traditional earrings.

Paige Cardinal

Paige Cardinal is a nêhiyaw-iskwêw and a member of Bigstone Cree Nation in Treaty 8 Territory. She has considered amiskwaciwâskahikan her home for the past 11 years. A mother, full-time artist, writer and business ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Charlie Queen XO aka Charlene Smith, a Black woman with long dark hair in a high ponytail. She is wearing a white jacket, white crop top, and white pants with a faux fur wrap. She is leaning against a wall with her hand near her chin.

Charlee Queen XO

What happens when a Queen reclaims her inner kingdom by swaying her hips and flowing magic through her lips?! Poetry in motion! A sonic experience of style, sass and substance. A compelling exploration of ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Chasidy, an Indigenous woman with long dark hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a denim jacket and dark t-shirt.


Chasidy is a poet and new mother currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Her writing consists of themes of Indigeneity, mother-hood, and experiencing love as an Indigenous person. She started writing as a ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Jessica Coles, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. She is smiling widely and wearing dark lipstick and a black top.

Jessica Coles

Jessica Coles (she/her) is a poet and editor from Edmonton, Alberta (Treaty 6), where she lives with her family and a judgmental tuxedo cat named Miss Bennet. Her work has appeared in Prairie Fire, ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Jennifer Bowering Delisle, a white woman with short dark wavy hair. She is wearing a teal sleeveless top.

Jennifer Bowering Delisle

Jennifer Bowering Delisle is the author of Deriving and The Bosun Chair. A collection of lyric essays, Micrographia, is forthcoming in Fall 2023. She is a board member of NeWest Press and the co-chair ... Read More 

Portrait if poet Gavin Doyle, a white man with dark hair in a buzzcut and brown eyes. He is wearing a black sweatshirt.

Gavin Doyle

Gavin Doyle is a settler, writer and wanderer from amiskwacîwâskahikan on Treaty 6 Territory. He is thrilled to have his work appear in Hungry. When he’s not reading or writing, you can find Gavin ... Read More 

Shima A. Robinson (Dwennimmen)

Dwennimmen (Shima Robinson)

Shima Aisha Robinson is an amiskwaciy-wâskahikan (Edmonton) born student, community builder, poet and spoken word artist who embodies, with every literary and scholarly effort, the ancient meaning of her chosen pen name. Dwennimmen is ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Meghan Eaker, a white person with shoulder-length dark blonde hair wearing a dark shirt and round glasses. They are smiling at the camera.

Meghan Eaker

Meghan Eaker (they/them) is an amiskwaciywâskahikan-based poet, registered nurse, and beading artist of mixed european and nehiyaw ancestry and is a member of the Woodland Cree First Nation in treaty 8 territory. She is ... Read More 

Headshot of Emma Elder, treasure of Edmonton Poetry Festival. She is a white woman with long dark hair and brown eyes.

Emma Elder

Emma Elder (she/her) is a poet and full-time student at the University of Alberta. She is studying Honors Physiology with a goal of pursuing medicine, and intends on publishing her debut poetry collection soon! ... Read More 

Kihew Giroux

Born in amiskwaciwáskahikan (Edmonton) Alberta so called canada. kihew Giroux has been writing from a fairly early age taking an interest in creative story writing in early elementary. Starting off with poorly written children ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Stephanie "Sage" Giroux, an indigenous woman with long dark hair and dark eyes.

Stephanie Giroux

Stephanie Giroux (Sage) is an Indigenous Metis woman residing in Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton) Alberta on treaty 6 land. She has been featured in the Edmonton Poetry Festival, the Edmonton Indigenous Poets Society, The Polyglot, The ... Read More 

Portrait of Sonja Ruth Greckol, a white woman with chin-length grey hair. She is wearing black cat-eye glasses and a black leather jacket.

Sonja Ruth Greckol

Sonja Ruth Greckol is the author of No Line in Time, Skein of Days, and Gravity Matters. She lives in Tkaronto/Toronto. Read More 

Headshot of poet Yeon Soo Ha, an East Asian woman with long black hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a leopard print top and tortoiseshell glasses.

Yeon Soo Ha

Yeon Soo Ha was born in Seoul and lives in amiskwaciwâskahikan/Edmonton. She is an avid reader, a community gardener, and a proud scorpio. Read More 

Portrait of poet Robin Hunter, an Indigenous women with long dark hair in braids and dark eyes. She is wearing traditional dress.

Robin Hunter

Robin Hunter aims to make a positive impact within the Indigenous community. She is an artist who seeks to educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous crowds through various media. She is currently working towards a degree ... Read More 

Ink Movement Yeg logo

Ink Movement

Empowering youth with platforms for artistic and individual expression. Ink Movement is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting arts culture in Edmonton. Their projects include conferences, workshops, open mics and more! Their greatest ... Read More 

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones (she/her) is an earth scientist, writer, and copy editor based in Moh’kins’tsis (Calgary), Treaty 7 territory. Her words appear in THIS, Grain, CV2, Room, GeoHumanities, and elsewhere. She is an alumna of ... Read More 

Photo of Lydia LeBlanc. They are wearing a black sweater and a large papier Machet mask with tusks and rabbit ears

Lydia LeBlanc

Lydia LeBlanc(she/they) is a self taught artist specializing in card board and paper maché sculptures and masks. They have also ventured into poetry as a new medium to explore. Their work is inspired by ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon, a woman of mixed white and east Asian heritage with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail and dark eyes. She is wearing wire-rimmed glasses, red earrings, a black blazer over a white t-shirt with a colourful print on it and jeans. She is in front of a wall mural and smiling at the camera.

Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon

Kathryn Gwun-Yeen 君妍 Lennon (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Edmonton/Amiskwacîwâskahikan, with mixed Hong-Kong Cantonese and Irish ancestry. She is working on a bilingual book of poetry, thanks to support from the Edmonton Arts ... Read More 

Photo of Bryn Lipinski, a white man with shoulder-length hair playing the drums

Bryn Lipinski

Bryn Lipinski is a poet, drummer, and songwriter who likes to lean towards the epic side when writing. A fan of long form poetry like Pearl and Sir Orfeo, Bryn models his works in ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Carley Lizotte, an Indigenous woman with long dark hair and brown eyes.

Carley Lizotte

Carley Lizotte (she/her) is a Cree-Métis storyteller, poet, artist and educator. She was born and raised in Fort Vermilion, but is currently based in Amiskwacîwâskihikan. Her poetry is a reflection of who and where ... Read More 

Portrait of MadJohn! as a child. She is a young white girl of about six years old, dressed in a frilly dress and toy tiara, holding a wand with a star on the end.


Mad John’s secret?  They aren’t really angry. Read More 

Portrait of Edmonton poet Alice Major. She has blondish white chin-length hair with bangs and oval-shaped glasses. She is wearing a light blue collared shirt.

Alice Major

Alice Major founded the Edmonton Poetry Festival in 2006 while she was serving as Edmonton’s first poet laureate. (She warns all future laureates to be careful what they start!). Alice has published 12 award-winning ... Read More 

Kim Mannix

Kim Mannix

Kim Mannix is a poet, dark fiction writer, and journalist who lived in six Canadian cities before deciding to call Sherwood Park home. As a lover and supporter of local arts, she’s delighted to ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Medgine Mathurin, a Black woman with medium-length dark hair and wire rim glasses. She is wearing a reddish brown leather jacket and is leaning on a glass countertop.

Medgine Mathurin

Haitian-born spoken word artist and patient advocate, Medgine is a person for whom the love of language and the alchemy of words is second nature. Her multi-lingual upbringing (French, Creole, English) not only prompted ... Read More 

Portrait of writer Tololwa Molel, a black man with short black and grey hair and a black moustache. He is wearing a short-sleeved blue collared shirt with white dots on it and he is smiling at the camera.

Tololwa Mollel

​​Tololwa Mollel is an author of internationally published children’s books, a playwright, storyteller, and performer. His children’s books have won the Governor General’s Award and Alberta Literary Awards. He has also published adult nonfiction ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Jane Munro, a white woman with short silver hair. She is wearing a black top and dangly earrings. She is leaning against a wall with her arms crossed, smiling at the camera.

Jane Munro

Jane Munro’s Blue Sonoma won the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize. Recent books include False Creek, Open Every Window, and Glass Float. Munro has taught creative writing at universities, led writing workshops, and given readings ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Daniel Poitras, an Indigenous man with dark hair, dark eyes and dark facial hair consisting of a soul patch and a goatee. He is wearing a baseball cap and looking up and away from the camera.

Daniel Poitras

Daniel Poitras is a half-breed poet from the Paul First Nation. Currently residing in Edmonton, he writes about the challenges that Indigenous and Metis people face today. He has been published in the Home ... Read More 

Headshot of Omar Ramadan, a man with short dark hair, light eyes, and a dark beard.

Omar Ramadan

Omar Ramadan is a creative writing PhD student at the University of Calgary. His research and creative work focus on Arab diaspora literatures. He’s particularly interested in systems of power and surveillance, and the ... Read More 

Emily Riddle

Emily Riddle

Emily Riddle (Okimâw Pipikwan Iskwêw) is Nehiyaw and a member of the Alexander First Nation (Kipohtakaw). She is a writer, textile artist, and policy iskwew based in Amisko Waciw Wâskahikan (Edmonton, Canada). In 2022, ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Lauren Seal, a white woman with chin-length dark blonde hair. She is wearing a lilac blouse and is smiling. She is standing outside in front of a tree.

Lauren Seal

Lauren Seal is a writer, librarian, and St. Albert’s third Poet Laureate. She mentors the teen and young adult poets of SWYC, the Spoken Word Youth Choir, and performs in the adult incarnation of ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Titilope Sonuga, a Black woman with long dark braided hair. She is wearng a black blouse with a brown ruffle. She is seated and smiling widely.

Titilope Sonuga

Titilope Sonuga is a poet who renders, both in verse and performance, a quality of rootedness and unflinching womanhood that extends beyond the bounds of a single poem or poetic performance. She is the ... Read More 

Photo of Spirit Tongues aka Dakota McIvor, a young white women with long blonde hair. She is wearing a red kimono with gold trim and a bandana over her hair.

Spirit Tongues

Spirit Tongues is a freeflow artist both in verbal and visual art. Having a career based in the visual world, they slowly emerged into music and poetry last year. You can often expect off ... Read More 

Sublime Intervention Collective

Sublime Intervention Collective

Sublime Intervention Collective, also known as S.I.C., is an experimental and collaboration based group of young femme artists out of amiskwaciwáskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta). Starting as a passion project of young artists Lydia Leblanc and ... Read More 

Ryan James Summers (aka Some-Sum)

Ryan James Summers (aka) Some-Sum

‘Sum’ started writing at the age of 16 & began to freestyle whilst living on the streets of Edmonton at age 17. His submersion into hip-hop culture supported the foundation of his ability to ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Bree Taylor, a white woman with blue eyes and shoulder-length curly brown hair. She is wearing a black blouse, heavy eye makeup, and black lipstick.

Bree Taylor

Bree Taylor (she/they) is a writer and poet living on Treaty Six Territory in Canada. She is currently pursuing her B.A. at the University of Alberta, where she has won the L. June Kelly ... Read More 

Headshot of poet Umezurike Peter Uchechukwu, a Black man with a shaved head. He is wearing square-shaped glasses and a white collared shirt.

Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike

Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike is a Nigerian-born, Calgary-based poet, fiction writer, essayist, and literary journalist. He is the author of Double Wahala, Double Trouble; Wish Maker; and a co-editor of Wreaths for Wayfarers. Read More 

Photo of poet RC Weslowski, a white man with silver hair, a silver beard and classes. He is performing on a stage with a microphone in his hand playing with a red balloon.

RC Weslowski

RC Weslowski is an award-winning spoken word poet and radio broadcaster. He has featured at such distinguished events as the Nuyorican Café Poetry Slam, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Toronto Poetry Slam, The Art ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Yusi Hunter, a dark-skinned young woman with green eyes and long dark hair in braids. She is wearing a cream and gold sari, and holding a glass.


Yusi is a multidisciplinary creative community builder who uses art as a way to connect and heal with others. Her passion has driven her to explore the meaning behind humanity and what that looks ... Read More 

Portrait of poet Bänoo Zan, a white woman with curly shoulder-length dark hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a red scarf with a black printed design and glasses with black frames. She is throwing a crumpled up piece of paper at the camera.

Bänoo Zan

Bänoo Zan is a poet, translator, and poetry curator, with over 250 published pieces and three books including Songs of Exile and Letters to My Father. She is the founder of Shab-e She’r, Canada’s ... Read More