Hey, we know you’re busy. Weather’s nice, days are longer, beer is colder, the patio is creeping to life. We understand that you’re preoccupied with important stuff, like the word “entwine”, or how the house finches have found refuge in your feeder. It’s very possible that you have been in front of the TV for months, aimlessly scrolling through obscure Netflix categories, hoping for spiritual deliverance. We’re there with you.

Despite all that, we entreat you to sign your lovely self up for one (or BOTH) of the open events at Poetry Becomes, the 2016 Edmonton Poetry Festival. Here are your options:

Everything but the Kitchen Blinks. This one runs on Monday April 18, 2016. Each poet gets 30 seconds at the mic – that’s why it’s called ‘blink poetry’. We challenge you to contain the complexities of your life and experience into a 30-second piece. It may not be possible, but the struggle is the life, as the masters say.

The Cafe Readings run on Sunday April 24, 2016 at four downtown cafes. Each poet gets 5 minutes at the mic. That’s 5 minutes ONLY. Surely you can read for five minutes? Lay out your entire artistic philosophy in the time it takes to get a latte? Yes you can.

Easy! Now, go forth and sign up. We need you and your voice.