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Current as of February 2023


The Edmonton Poetry Festival Society (EPFS) strives to ensure that, wherever possible, venues, events and information will be accessible. This policy outlines how EPFS will:


Accessibility:  the state in which a person with a disability is afforded the same opportunity as someone without a disability. An accessible environment will integrate the experiences of people with and without disabilities.

Discrimination: A distinction, whether intentional or not, based on a characteristic or perceived characteristic that has the effect of imposing on an individual or group of individuals burdens, obligations or disadvantages that are not imposed on others, or of withholding or limiting access to opportunities, benefits and advantages available to other individuals in society.

Mental disability: Any mental disorder, developmental disorder or learning disorder, regardless of the cause or duration of the disorder.

Physical disability: Any degree of physical disability, deformity, malformation or disfigurement that is caused by injury, birth defect or illness. This includes, but is not limited to, epilepsy; paralysis; amputation; lack of physical coordination; visual, hearing and speech impediments; and physical reliance on a guide dog, wheelchair or other remedial appliance or device.

Physical Accessibility

EPFS strives to ensure the accessibility of the physical spaces that are used during an event produced by EPFS, including our annual Festival, and WORD*LAB. 

Programming & Events

Selecting Venues

While acknowledging that the EPFS has many different venues/spaces in which events are held, EPFS will consider physical accessibility when selecting venues for events, performances and activities. This should include, but is not limited to:

Communication with performers, volunteers and/or event host(s) and guests/audience members

EPFS will state on its website that if a performer, volunteer, event host or guest/audience member requires accommodation for accessibility at a venue, they can communicate that to EPFS staff or board members in advance and best efforts will be made.

Digital Accessibility

EPFS will make every effort to ensure that our website and online presence is accessible to everyone. This includes measures such as:

Links and Resources

Policy and Review Tracking

Date Created: December 2022
Date Reviewed: February 2023

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