Here’s your chance to compete for a $100 prize, a place in our online chapbook and a spot on the program at the 2012 Edmonton Poetry Festival. Oh, and to support the festival! We’re looking for works in any poetry style or discipline. Winners will be selected for an attractive chapbook to be published on the festival website. The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize and an opportunity to read the winning poem (and one or two more) at one of the festival’s feature events.

Terms of submission:

  1. All submissions must be sent as a digital attachment in a widely readable format (Microsoft Word, Pdf, etc.)
  2. Standard fonts should be used.
  3. Titles must be indicated on the piece itself, even if “Untitled”.
  4. The selection process will be conducted by a blind jury of some of Edmonton’s finest poets; therefore, the poet’s name should NOT be indicated anywhere on the piece. Poet’s name and contact info should be clearly indicated in the subject line and/or body of the submission email.
  5. Only one poem per poet will be accepted.
  6. Maximum submission length is 3 pages or 150 lines.
  7. To submit you must be a Member of the Edmonton Poetry Festival Society. If you’re not already a member, please visit our brand new membership page, where you can use PayPal to become a member right away. Membership entitles you to all sorts of other goodies, and helps grease the gears of our growing festival.
  8. Submission deadline is January 15, 2012. Selected poets will be contacted via email.

Automatic disqualification may occur if any of these terms are not met.

Note: This contest is open to poets outside Edmonton, but travel to the festival is not included in the Grand Prize.