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Skylines: The View From Here

The Almanac 10351 823 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Prairie skies, the rocky rim of the Atlantic, the flatline of the Fraser River Delta, city skylines and the long view of the past – this is poetry that lets you see the skyline from somewhere new. Four prominent poets bring their particular viewpoints from across the country: Performance poet and slam champion Rebecca Thomas is Halifax’s poet laureate. She brings her M’ikmaq heritage and a vital young voice to the lookout point. Tim Bowling’s new book, The Duende of Tetherball, links his early experiences growing up in the rich landscapes of B.C.’s Lower Mainland with the challenges and pleasures of getting older. Edmonton’s poet laureate, Pierrette Requier, takes the long view of growing up Francophone in Alberta’s Peace River country and the interplay of languages that shape her life and writing. Local poet Laurie MacFayden’s poetry is described as fearless, charismatic and funny. After 30 years in journalism she […]

Cutlines: Through the Landscapes of Experience

The Almanac 10351 823 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Cutlines map a landscape, cutting precise lines to survey prairie and forest. The poets you’ll meet in Cutlines lay down their precise lines to map the complicated landscapes of the human heart: Nora Gould’s second poetry collection, Selah, explores her home landscape of east-central Alberta and the difficult territory of losing a family member to dementia. Richard Harrison brings On Not Losing My Father’s Ashes in the Flood, his new book charting what can be carried away, and weaving together the floods that ravaged Alberta in 2013 with the loss of his father. In Belly Full of Rocks, Tyler B. Perry cuts paths through the surreal forests of story to find the real in the fantastic.