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Poetry & Stillness

Millwoods Community Church 2304 38 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Poetry and stillness are inseparable. Natalie Goldberg writes, “Behind writing, behind words is no words. We need to know about that place.” And Basho’s Haiku, Stillness— / soaking into the rocks, / the cicada’s cries, captures how stillness gives way to expression. Seated in a circle, participants intentionally partake in the resonant cycle of stillness—poetry—stillness. A gong announces a beginning. An invitation is offered. Each participant reads, in turn, one poem with no introduction or commentary, just the poem. The next reader allows a moment to absorb the words before speaking. Poems, written by the participant or someone else, can range through a variety subject, form or focus, while the spirit of contemplation and deep listening guides the invitation and the process. This is a BYOV event. Admission to this event (if applicable) is not included in a festival pass. Performers Jannie Edwards is a poet, editor, teacher and mentor […]