Events Schedule

Gone Fishing: A Workshop with Alice Major

McLuhan House 11342 64 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Update April 27, 2018: Lorna Crozier is unable to atten the festival due to a family health emergency. Alice Major will lead this workshop in her stead. Presented in partnership with the Canadian Authors Association. Registration cost is $30 for members of the Canadian Authors Association or the Poetry Festival, $50 for non-members. This event is sold out! Does the length of the free-verse line matter? What about the hook you tie on the end? Will any free-verse line catch the fish? We’ll explore the characteristics-the tautness, the slackness, the measure, the knots-of this malleable, adaptable poetic line, and write a poem or two that focuses on ways it can be used to emphasize meaning and rhythm. Please bring writing materials of either a laptop or paper and pen. Please register at the CAA website link ( as the workshop is limited to 16 participants.  

Our Planet, Our Poems: Your Work Now

McLuhan House 11342 64 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

A workshop from Jane Munro. As a witness in an era of crisis, what do you feel yourself called to do? How do you write a political poem without being didactic? What learning and teaching is it possible to do with a poem? How can poetry act as a change agent? What could you use as a meaningful structure for a poem on climate change (or any other huge topic)? What if you just don’t know enough? How on earth can you write poetry now? Bring your own questions. This will be a workshop in which you can explore your relationship with your writing and your relationship with Earth. Come prepared to draft new poems. Space is limited to 16 participants. Presented in partnership with The Canadian Authors Association.  

The Polyglot: Multilingual Horizons

McLuhan House 11342 64 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

The Polyglot ( is a new Canadian biannual magazine devoted to publishing multilingual poetry and art. Our inaugural issue themed Crosswalks (Spring 2017) expands the horizons of what languages, poetry, and art can do. At our event The Polyglot: Multilingual Horizons, eight of the poets featured in our first issue will read their poems and discuss the intersections between poetry and languages. After the readings, the poets will discuss how different languages have expanded their poetic horizons. Some guiding questions will be: Why write in languages other than English? How have you experimented with languages in your poetry? How does your writing process differ in each language? What advice would you give to others who would like to try their hand at writing in a second or foreign language? Performers Luciana Erregue (Spanish | English) is a Canadian-Argentinian MA in Art History from the University of Alberta whose research and writing […]