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Translating Home

CKUA Performance Space 9804 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton

What does it mean to translate home? How does the concept of “home” change when you identify as multilingual/multicultural? What are the connections between the languages we speak and the lands we have inhabited? Ten poets from The Polyglot’s latest issues, Lunch Box and Unfaithful, explore multilayered meanings of home through poems in Arabic, Italian, Irish, Nêhiyawêwin, Portuguese, Romanian, Somali, Spanish, and Tagalog. Whether this land has been your ancestral home for generations or you have settled here after leaving your home behind, the need to “code-switch” between languages and lands results in the constant re-examining of our maps of meaning. Home becomes the place where our life experiences get lost (and found) in translation, as we simultaneously make new connections between past and present. Multilingual poetry then becomes the ideal vehicle to safely “break the code,” building a more spacious home, with room for the old and the new. […]



CKUA Performance Space 9804 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton

How do we understand the land around us? Our connection to the earth and environment can centre us or drive us away from a place, redefining our place in the world and our definition of it. Listen to these poets explore their connection to home and land, in this showcase of local favourites: Kelly Shepherd, Anna Marie Sewell, Jenna Butler, and Gianmarco Visconti.