The Poetry Route’s latest batch of bus poems, Urban Beats, is now circulating on Edmonton transit vehicles.

Urban Beats

Our aim for this theme was to feature work from local inner-city voices; writers from outside the mainstream who don’t always have the means or opportunity to showcase their creativity. Marginalized voices: the homeless, the incarcerated, the mentally ill.

The call went out to places like the Boyle Street Community Centre, the Hope Mission, outreach workers at Stanley Milner library, the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta, and various adult literacy groups and programs.

The poems chosen for this flight are The Kiss of Auditory Hallucinations by Michael Serhan; Loneliness by Kevan Lyons; Love, Dad by Nicolas Crier; and How The Creator Listens by Vanessa Isadore.

The launch for this flight of the Poetry Route will be held on Sunday, September 30 – 1:00pm at Government House (on the grounds of the Royal Alberta Museum) as part of Alberta Culture Days. Here’s the full rundown of poetic events for Alberta Arts Days. Come down and celebrate poetry in our province!