Ah, the sweet smell of poetry. After the pungent, lazy smell of #420, the pleasantly odorous Edmonton Poetry Festival kicks off today. And what events are on tap?

  1. Sketching With Words begins at 1:00pm. at Harcourt House, 3rd Floor, 10215 – 112 Street. Billed as “an unusual sketching class”, I hear there’s a nude model on tap for this event, so PG13, kids.
  2. Champagne Opportunities gets underway at 2:00pm at Expressionz Cafe, 9938 – 70 Avenue. This event promises to whet your creative whistle with collaborative spirits.
  3. Exploring/Exploding The Sacred begins at 3:00pm at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 10037 – 84 Avenue. This one is suitable for all spiritual beings, regardless of creed.

Live tweeting will be happening (@edmpoetryfest), and if you’re at an event with your information phone, use the hashtag #pofest12. See you out on the streets!