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April 11, 2024

Closing Showcase: Challenging the Current

Challenging the Currents How can we resist today’s colonial currents – entrenched in our history, politics or day to day discourse – that rushes and rages on? Anna Marie Sewell hosts Challenging the Currents ... Read More 

April 11, 2022

Inclement Weather Part 2 – Reading

Inclement Weather is a two-part event, including a workshop and reading, that highlights how poetry can spark conversation about climate change and our energy future that is sustainable and socially equitable. This event is ... Read More 

September 11, 2020

Beyond the Food Court Launch

To kick off the festival in virtual space, the contributors to Beyond the Food Court —all writers from diverse ethnic backgrounds that call Edmonton home — gather to celebrate the launch of their anthology, ... Read More 

April 25, 2019

Local Books 2 at CBC Centre Stage

Haven’t been keeping up with CanLit? We have! The Edmonton Poetry Festival is happy to showcase five writers, highlighting the best new books to hit the shelves. Join us as we explore the local, ... Read More 

April 24, 2019

pê-kîwêhtatân itwêwin

What does it mean to bring the word home? pê-kîwêhtatân itwêwin will posit this question to four talented indigenous poets, listening in on their musings as they showcase their work at the headlining event ... Read More 

April 23, 2019


How do we understand the land around us? Our connection to the earth and environment can centre us or drive us away from a place, redefining our place in the world and our definition ... Read More 

April 22, 2018

Multilingual Voices – Expanding the Can Lit Canon

The Polyglot will host a poetry reading and roundtable on the topic of including multilingual poetic voices in the CanLit canon. Their event will feature readings by ten local polyglot poets, whose work is ... Read More