The calendar has magically flipped to that wonderful day known as “PFSUD”. If want the phonetic on that one, it’s PUFFSUDD. What is PFSUD? Why, it’s PoFest Sign Up Day! That’s right. The signup for PoFest 2009 is now officially open. You can sign up here. So start cracking your knuckles in preparation for your time at the microphone.

The lowdown this year is that we’ve got two events open to all: The infamous and demonstrably ruinous Killer Blinks, and the pinkys-out, latte-driven Cafe Readings. You can even participate in both, if you so choose. Both events are sure to sock your knickers off, so sign up early to ensure your place in E-Town literary history.

Deadline for signup is Wednesday, April 1, 2009. You may be thinking that’s plenty of time. I don’t have to sign up right now. You could think that, and many will, but that would be a mistake on your part. Hell, the last time I said “I’ll do it later” I woke up in a gutter wearing a red camisole and holding a partially burned copy of Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan. Don’t let that happen to you, fair E-Burg poets. Sign up now, and help make PoFest ’09 a rocking success.