Well, it’s been a while since the last update. So it goes with blogging in the big city. Anyway, here are a few announcements:

New Board Members

Please join us in welcoming our new Board Members!

We are incredibly excited to have these 4 talented community leaders join our team!

We also say goodbye to four key members of our Board this year. I can not emphasize how much they will be missed. They are brilliant friends and we wish them the best of everything, always.

Our thanks go out to:

The Makar and the Laureates

In April of this year twelve Poets Laureate from across the country, and The Makar of Scotland, joined us for The Edmonton Poetry Festival. They brought with them vast experience, knowledge and breathtaking poetry.

CBC joined us at many events this year and recorded our Laureates for their Ideas program. Now you can tune in and hear these incredible voices again in a piece titled:

“The Makar and The Laureates”. Originally aired on June 17th on CBC Radio One, there will be a second airing on CBC Ideas in the Afternoon, June 24th. Or check out the podcast here.

Summer Reading Series

This year the poetry festival introduced our Cafe Reading Series. Our series has been widely embraced by the community and we thank you for coming out and participating in the events!

We are taking the Summer off for planning and will kick off again in August with a new venue and more fantastic poets. This coming year we will be bringing in not only local poets, but some out of town “Big Guns” as well. So stay tuned!