We’ve culled the archives for the very best in pics from past year’s PoFests. We’ve gone under the loupe and examined every last scrap of photographic material relating to the EPF and thrown the best pics into a little gallery for your enjoyment. You can watch it here. All photos are courtesy of esteemed photographer, musician, movie maker, moneyman and all around nice guy Randall Edwards. I’ll bet you never knew that poetry could actually look cool, or that YOU could look so damn good reading it.

In other news, we’re putting the finishing touches on the reading schedule and hope to have a solid lineup posted some time this week. We’ve had some strange requests here at PoFest HQ. Some of you poets are downright odd – even scary, if I do say so myself. A selected list of requests submitted to our scheduling officer, some bizarre, some quite legit:

Nice questions! Have any more? Drop us a line. OK. We’ll catch up with you later. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery on your way around the site. Cheers!