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Quicksilver Blinks

The Mercury Room 10575 114 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

What comes along every 25 years and goes like lightning? It’s the Quicksilver Blinks and the thermometer will be rising at—of course—the Mercury Room. It’s poetry that won’t stand still! It’s a shimmy and shimmer of words! The Stroll of Poets’ annual blitz of 30-second poems takes on extra polish this year. We’re celebrating the Stroll’s 25th anniversary as Edmonton’s friendliest poetry gathering. So shine up your lines and show us your metal! All are welcome to deliver a Quicksilver poem. Or just come to hear poems that will roll along faster and brighter than beads of mercury on a mirror. How to Sign Up for The Quicksilver Blinks Signup deadline: Friday April 7, 2017 Send an email to Your email must contain the following information: Email subject should be “Blinks signup” Your first AND last name Note: If your signup email doesn’t contain this info, it may be […]

Made Ya Blink!

The Aviary 9314 111 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Presented in Partnership with The Stroll of Poets. It’s eye-to-eye and word-to-word-year 12 of Edmonton’s famous Blinks, organized by the Stroll of Poets. Think-rap challenge in 30 seconds. Think-make the audience blink. (Laugh, sob, cheer, sigh, LISTEN) Think-come on down and drop the mic! This is the friendliest stare-down you’ll ever be part of – whether you deliver a poem or come for the vibe.  

Winking, Blinking and Naughty

The Aviary 9314 111 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Presented in Partnership with the Stroll of Poets This ain’t no snappy musical or Gypsy Lee burlesque. It’s the Blinks! Back, just like that. The biggest stage for the smallest set of half-minute poetry. Free verse, spoken word, slant rhymes — all are cast. But time those lines, because the Blinks Philharmonic are an unforgiving lot. You’ve got 30 seconds or your act is cut! Calling all poets. The house lights are down, the curtains up, it’s your time to shine in Winking, Blinking and Naughty. The Blinks have been right at home in the Edmonton Poetry Festival from the very beginning. The rules are easy: Sign up here! Prepare your 30 second poem Show up on the night and … Blink!

The Blinks Ignition

The Aviary 9314 111 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Sign Up for the Blinks Ignition! Sign up to start your poetry engine and take part in this fast-paced evening where dozens of poets will step up to the stage and turn the key. What are The Blinks ? It’s Edmonton’s own feat of poetic engineering, a sleek sparkplug of words, a poem delivered in—gasp—less than 30 seconds. After you sign up here, prepare your own 30 second poem – rhyme, rap or haiku. Sign up by Saturday, April 15th. This event is a co-presentation by The Edmonton Poetry Festival and The Stroll of Poets