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March 20, 2009

Another Reading Event!

Hey all you low down verse hounds, there’s another event to sign up for, if you’re into it. If you’re down with the zen, you’ll want to check this out, as part of the ... Read More 

February 26, 2009

You Ain't A Beauty

Ah, time to dust off the old blog and crush out an update. First thing: Don’t worry. Just cuz you haven’t seen a post here at PoFest HQ, doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. In ... Read More 

February 7, 2009

Sign up for PoFest 2009

The calendar has magically flipped to that wonderful day known as “PFSUD”. If want the phonetic on that one, it’s PUFF–SUDD. What is PFSUD? Why, it’s PoFest Sign Up Day! That’s right. The signup ... Read More 

February 1, 2009

Things Are Moving

Here at PoFest central, we are busily concocting ways for poets to realize their dreams of superstardom. We have unilaterally decided that performing at PoFest 2009 will make you more famous than Ted Nugent, ... Read More 

January 7, 2009

Festival AGM lights the fire

Don’t be a wee cowrin’ beastie – come out of your hole for the Edmonton Poetry Festival Society’s annual general meeting on Sunday, January 25 – which just happens to be the birthday of ... Read More 

January 7, 2009

Springing Into Action

Hey, you out there! Yes, you shivering at the bus stop completely under dressed for this weather! The Edmonton Poetry Festival is moving to a new spring time slot – mark your calendar for ... Read More 

September 16, 2008

PoFest 2008 Wraps Up

We had a swingin’ time at Pofest 2008! Lots of readers, tons of enthusiasm, and no small portion of FUN. On behalf of the org crew, I’d like to send out a special “HELL ... Read More 

September 13, 2008

Christian Bok and Crew Rock The House

Are your ears ringing? Last night was a night of devastatingly cool sound and experimental poetry down at the ARTery. A wide array of experimental verse was kicked out and the extraordinary Christian Bök ... Read More 

September 12, 2008

Blinks Kill 'Em All

The Revenge of the Killer Blinks went off last night as the opening salvo in the war known as the Edmonton poetry Festival. It was a great night all around with some truly “killer” ... Read More 

September 11, 2008

Time to Party!

The Edmonton Poetry Festival gets underway this evening with Revenge of the Killer Blinks at The ARTery, 9535 Jasper Avenue, 7:00pm shotgun start. You’ll see and hear 70 poets read in succession for 30 ... Read More 

September 10, 2008

Event Spotlight: Insomnicidal Kleptomania

On Friday, September 12, 2008 the Edmonton Poetry Festival presents Insomnicidal Kleptomania: An Evening of Experimental Verse and Sound Poetry. It takes place at the ARTery: 9535 Jasper Avenue, doors at 6:30 show at ... Read More 

September 9, 2008

Our Best Response Yet!

The E-Town poetry community’s response to PoFest ’08 has been fantastic! Better than we could have hoped for! You should all sit down and give yourselves a nice round of applause (or down a ... Read More