Hello, poets. Oh you of autumn’s heaving emotions; oh you of darkness and tethered clich├ęs; oh you of death and redemption. How to solve the riddle of autumn? We at PoFest central have the answer:

Cafe series launch

The Edmonton Poetry Festival launches its monthly cafe reading series on September 22nd, 2012 at Cafe Tiramisu. Please join us from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at 10750 – 124 street. Featured poet Mary Pinkoski headlines this event!

Following our feature reading we will host an open mic for audience members. Open mic is limited to 1 poem, maximum 2 minutes. No epics, no voluminous screeds. Just good ‘ol fashioned versification. Participants will be invited to sign up at the beginning of the afternoon and names will be selected randomly. Former Edmonton Poet Laureate Alice Major will also contribute at our premiere event!

The Poetry Festival is very excited about partnering with Cafe Tiramisu for this exciting initiative! The series takes place the fourth Saturday of each month and will introduce a feature reader at each event.

Here is the main event page for future reference.. The series continues on into the new year, so please, take some time from your busy lives and join us for some weekend verse.