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You will be sweeping pine needles until the snow breaks. Such is the price of having a real tree, an extravagance that gets more delightful and difficult to justify as the years roll on. You removed it via the front door, in order to avoid spreading more needles throughout the house. Sometime in May, when you finally decide to vacuum under the couch (thrice annually, since that year…you remember the one), you will find a cache of faded green slivers. You’ll break one in half and bring it to your mouth and feign surprise at the tart but fresh pine taste. You’ll spend a few moments in a gentle drift…caught somewhere between snow and new garden soil. Every year you say this will be the last one spent here, and every year you buy a new bottle of merlot for the cold room. A poultice of pine, flannel, and vanilla may get you through a January evening. February’s cold sun remains distant.


It’s January. Happy New Year! It’s also Poetry Festival membership season! That’s right, it’s time to renew your vows to the Festival. $15 keeps you in business, and gets you discounts at certain festival events. By the way, in 2015 the festival runs from April 19 – 26. No schedule yet, but keep your eyes peeled. Hope you’re having a great 2015!

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