All right all you versifiers. What we have here is a poetic smackup the likes of which have never been seen in this fair burg and have been scant in many others much bigger. We just finished an exhaustive update of the schedule page, and you should run right over and check it out. We’ve re-tooled it to a calendar-like interface. Just click on an event to see more details. All the reader lineups have been posted, so check it out. For instance, here’s the lineup for the cafe readings next Sunday, and here’s the Killer Blinks roster. A pretty nice lineup, if you ask me. An even better response that last year, and last year was our best to date.

Take look over there in the right-hand sidebar. You’ll now see a dropdown menu on each page. You can access all event listings from there.

If you signed up for an event and don’t see your name anywhere, by all means drop us a line and let us know. Last thing we want is bunch of pissed off poets on our hands.

PoFest is less than a week away. Are you ready?