Check your calendar. What’s that? Haven’t flipped it yet? What, are you still chasing whiskey dogs from the corners of your eyes? Haven’t mainlined that first squirt of the daily black? It’s April 1. April Fools Day to most, but here at PoFest Central it’s also the deadline for event signup. Once again for those in the cheap seats, if you haven’t signed up yet, get your ass over here and do so. Don’t come cryin’ to me tomorrow if you don’t get in on the action. I want to see you either blinking or slaying unsuspecting cafe patrons with your monstrous verse.

You should check the sked and you should check out our lineup of featured readers as well. You’ll recognize some…and some are new faces (to us here in dusty ‘ol E-Ville anyways).

I’m going back to my book. Sign up and show up. Support the poet. Stay in school. Don’t read Bukowski whilst wearing white underwear. In fact don’t read Buk period, it’s bad for the artistic drive. You’d be better off reading Tim Bowling or Dionne Brand. See you out on the street.