Medgine Mathurin

Haitian-born poet, psalmist and spoken word artist Medgine Mathurin is a person for whom the love of language and the alchemy of words is second nature. Her multi-lingual upbringing (french, creole, english) not only prompted her to begin experimenting with the potential and magic of language, but naturally compelled her into a deep love of poetry. Medgine is among the rare and necessary category of artist who understands the inextricable relationship between a poet’s life and a poet’s words. Therefore, in the act of sharing her poetry, she presents a vulnerable and sincere version of her very self. Her work avoids static or edict-filled representations of spirituality and faith, eschewing them for a poetics that shows her to be a true and devoted seeker of humility, understanding and fully-embodied love.

Medgine is currently an artist in residence at the McLuhan House in Edmonton as part of the Black Girl Magic artistic collective.