Jenna Broomfield

Jenna Joyce Broomfield is an Inuk from North West River, Nunatsiavut (Labrador) and is currently attending Law School at the University of Alberta. Her prior educational background includes a certificate in Pre Law Studies for Native Peoples, a degree in Native Studies and a certificate in Aboriginal Governance and Partnership.

As a result of many generations of colonization, Jenna’s early upbringing was only semi-traditional, and she always felt as though something was missing. As a teen she began a conscious cultural revitalization journey and began seeking and learning the traditional teachings of her culture. Jenna uses her teachings to spark safe cultural dialogue between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples through performance and educational workshops. Every step, when walking between two worlds is a difficult but important one, and Jenna feels it is necessary for those who feel the responsibility of doing so, take every opportunity to bridge the gaps of understanding, to work towards peaceful coexistence, sharing of knowledge and Indigenous pride in her community.