Cikwes is a Nehiyaw soul singer and songwriter. Her musical background is rooted in Woodland Cree traditions, with creative influences ranging from experimental over tone singing, jazz, soul, r’ n’ b and reggae. Cikwes is a fluent Cree speaker and sings in her mother tongue and in English. Her recent album, ISKO was released on June 23, 2018. ISKO means woman in the Cree language. Her creativity is a wild reclamation of Indigenous feminine power as it celebrates her sexuality and reframes it in a powerful Indigenous light. Her style of over tone singing and chanting celebrates the Matriarch, with a raw powerful and sensual presence, which Cikwes refers to as Nehiyaw Soul. Her voice is pure and haunting and her ability to pull sounds from spirit leaves audiences mesmerized. Cikwes is a most unique artist whose work cannot be compared or found in today’s genre of music.