Portrait of poet Charlie Queen XO aka Charlene Smith, a Black woman with long dark hair in a high ponytail. She is wearing a white jacket, white crop top, and white pants with a faux fur wrap. She is leaning against a wall with her hand near her chin.

What happens when a Queen reclaims her inner kingdom by swaying her hips and flowing magic through her lips?! Poetry in motion! A sonic experience of style, sass and substance. A compelling exploration of the human experience, Charlee Queen’s performance leaves you feeling not only inspired, but activated and empowered straight from your soul to your crown.

Charlene Smith, a.k.a. Charlee Queen XO or Queen C, is a spoken word artist, singer/songwriter, dancer/choreographer, yoga teacher, and spiritual/mental health mentor. As a dedicated scholar of Spiritual Philosophy, English literature and Genders studies, she is a womxn determined to inspire self love through mind, body and spiritual understanding.

Charlene has been re-educating Western Canada about the Afro-Canadian experience as a Yoga teacher and Mental Health Educator since graduating from the University of Toronto with her Bachelor of Honours, and attaining her yoga certification in 2012. Using movement, music, poetry and ancestral philosophy to heal herself and her community for over a decade, Charlene’s authentic expression, both in art and in life, embodies the sacred message of the divine feminine: To thy own self be true.