Ariane Mahrÿke

Hollow-bodied electric guitar in hand, Ariane Mahrÿke delivers her songs with humour, candor, vulnerability and strength. She flirts with folk, jazz, blues, and electroacoustics while effortlessly moving from French to English. Lemire perfectly reflects the diversity of Canadian culture. She offers dynamic performances and takes her listeners through expansive musical journeys sewn together by witty banter. Through her participation in remarkable experiences like the Festival en chanson de Petite Vallée in Gaspésie, the Coup de coeur francophone in Montreal, the Rencontres d’Astaffort in France and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, she has become a seasoned musician. Her first album, Double Entendre, was crowned Outstanding Francophone Recording at the 2008 WCMAs, her second was nominated in the same category in 2010, and her third album, Wrecked Tangles and Love Knots, was released in the fall of 2012.