“Congratulations, Deborah!”

In 2013 I heard this a lot. First, in the spring I became a grandmother for the first time. I fell in love in a whole new way upon meeting my glorious grandson, whose birth I was privileged to attend. Then, in the fall my first book, Reckless Toward Blossoming, was published by Frontenac House, and I took part in a three-city book launch. I also gained two new descriptives: “Moogie” (which is what my grandson will call me, rather than the standard “Grandma“—and yes, it is from Star Trek) and “published author” (which takes on a whole new meaning when you hold the first copy of your own début poetry collection in your hands). The two births have become inextricably linked in my memory. Each required a long gestation period, each brought moments of unique joy and anxiety, each required immense patience. The end result of all the waiting was, of course, quite different in each case. But the combined effect has infused the word “Congratulations!” with an exponentially multiplied depth of meaning. Whether it’s because I’ve become Moogie or because I’m now a published poet, my life is immeasurably enriched.

Deborah Lawson
April, 2014

Deborah Lawson is appearing at the CBC at Noon: New Books event today at noon at the CBC studios in City Centre Mall. Deborah lives in Edmonton.