Festival 2021  Media Information

This page contains information for use by media outlets covering LitFest 2021, at which the Edmonton Poetry Festival will present 2 events.

Background Information

For background information on LitFest, please visit their website.

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is Edmonton’s annual celebration of poetry and verse. The best place to get a grasp on the basics and history of the festival is by reading our story. There, you’ll find a brief history of the festival with several points of interest. Additionally, the following links may be helpful for a general overview of this year’s festival.

Official Press Releases

There are currently no press releases issued for this year's festival. Please check back soon.

Authors & Headliners

Typically, the Edmonton Poetry Festival is a unique blend of events featuring both the local poetry community and esteemed, well-known poets from across Canada and around the world. This year, due to our collaborative partnership with LitFest, the lineup features many talented non-fiction authors as well. Our Authors & Headliners page showcases this year’s lineup. If you’re not sure who is a “big name,” just drop us a line or contact Shima Robinson for more information at the link below.

Media Contact

Your festival media contact is Shima Robinson, Artistic Producer for the festival. Contact her through our contact page, or directly via e-mail at artisticproducer@edmontonpoetryfestival.com.