“Unknown Edmonton”

Citizens of Edmonton are invited to submit poems for the Poetry Route’s fall 2016 flight. The Poetry Route is looking for poems about “Unknown Edmonton” to travel on the city’s buses this fall.

Words about unknown people, places, experiences are welcome. Six poems will be chosen from the submissions, and the contest closes August 25th, 2016.

“A poem could be about anything that doesn’t make the guide books or the newspapers – somewhere you work, a playground, a neighbourhood, a historical event,” says Rayanne Doucet, executive director of the Edmonton Poetry Festival. The festival organizes the bus poetry project with support from the Edmonton Arts Council.

“We’d like to create an unusual story of the city,” says Doucet. “ETS vehicles go all over the city, and so should poetry.”

Submission guidelines

Winners will receive an honorarium of $100 and a copy of the poster on which their poem appears. Poems ride city of Edmonton buses for 8-12 weeks. We encourage members of First Nations, culturally diverse and LGTBQ communities to submit!