Before you begin to scrape your windshield, you notice the peculiar patterns of frost, informed by your previous scrape. It would be kind, you think, to leave the marks untouched as a sign of humility. An acknowledgement that despite our technical sophistication, no one has yet invented a non-frosting windshield. There is work to be done. Places to go, roads to drive. Grasping your scraper with woolen mittens – a fine, futile defence – you begin. The first particles of removed ice come to rest on your scarf, where they remain until the heater melts them away. Halfway through your commute, a moment after the interior temperature coaxes removal of your gloves, you find the day’s resolve in your dampened muffler.

Welcome the holiday season with the Edmonton Poetry Festival’s Christmas Poetry Celebration, happening this Saturday afternoon – November 24, 2012 – at Cafe Tiramisu, 10750 124 Street, 3pm – 5pm. This event is 100% an open mic (no featured readers), so bring your work to share! As our gift to you, your first coffee beverage – latte, americano, brewed coffee, whatever – is ON US. That’s right: you bring the poetics, we buy the first round of coffee.

Hope to see you there.