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February 13, 2011

Event Schedule 2011

Event Schedule 2011 The Whole Kitt N’ Kaboodle We are presently at work in our top secret laboratory working on the 2011 festival. Stay tuned for details on all the cool events! Read More 

January 18, 2011

Visual Poetry Call For Submissions

Here’s a call for submissions for this year’s festival. It looks pretty hella awesome, and if you’re of the bent that would dig something like this, I encourage you to check it out. Here ... Read More 

January 14, 2011

Festival 2011 – Make it a date!

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is set to cram your calendar with poetry from April 25 to May 1, 2011. Mark it and park it! We’ll have special guests Al Moritz and Karen Solie – ... Read More 

October 13, 2010

InArms Performance – November 10, 2010

The InArms is a project that endeavors, though poetry, to tell the stories of Canadians in the military. It includes poetry published online at (what an excellent response we’ve had so far!), and ... Read More 

October 3, 2010

Edmonton Slam Team En-Route to Ottawa!

Edmonton’s first-ever slam team has been rehearsing and rehearsing, smoothing their pieces, working on their moves. They’re headed for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Ottawa — and you have one last chance ... Read More 

September 15, 2010

Alberta Words at Government House

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? Recovered from our LONG and LUXURIOUS summer yet? Yeah, me too. I thought I’d let you know about a cool event coming up this weekend. Alberta Arts Days ... Read More 

July 24, 2010

Poetry Festival Video from Telus

Cool! The good folks down at Telus have constructed the following super-cool video that spotlights events from this past year’s Poetry Festival. Pretty awesome, if you ask me! Hop on the Youtube page and ... Read More 

July 14, 2010

Come out for the Festival AGM

It’s time again for the Edmonton Poetry Festival’s Annual General Meeting. Here are the specifics: When: Sunday, July 25, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Where: Edmonton Room, Stanley A. Milner Library What’s On: The ... Read More 

June 29, 2010

The InArms Project

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is pleased to present InArms, a project designed to bring together Edmonton’s poetry community and the soldiers and families stationed at CFB Namao in Edmonton. The project aims to publish ... Read More 

April 28, 2010

Cafe Readings Video

Ah yes, the cafe readings. The Festival’s gentle wrap-up on Sunday afternoon. Not content with a mere photo gallery, our esteemed photographer / videographer Randall Edwards has put together a little vid that showcases ... Read More 

April 24, 2010

Festival Saturday

Well, it’s a BIG DAY for the Edmonton Poetry Festival. You should definitely check the sked for today’s list of events. Come on, it’s a blustery day, why not slide down and catch some ... Read More 

April 24, 2010

Hip Hop Heart Beat Pics

The night was smokin’ and the rhymes were coming fast. The artery was the place for hip hop last night as some of Edmonton’s finest rhymesmiths kicked it out. Check this out: Read More