It’s been too long since you’ve been vulnerable. Rushing, fretting, working, taxiing. In all this business, It’s easy to forget the feelings you need. In every task or to-do, you wonder what your real job is. Not in the narrow sense – “should I be an artist, or a soldier?” – but in the widest sense. You ponder and mull, and decide that it comes down to this: everything is just humans affecting the perceptions and feelings of other humans. How will other people feel about this? That question is now the first one you ask when doing anything, and you realize it’s the only one that matters. There’s a secret place lodged somewhere between ability and humility. Most call it empathy. Those that deny it exists may claim to make art for themselves, and that rings false to you now. Some never buy a hobo a beer. Some pay lip service to giving. Some talk much and do little. Not you. Not any more.


In order to function, The Edmonton Poetry Festival requires volunteers. We need your help at our events (you have checked the schedule haven’t you?). You won’t believe how much work it is to keep this wonderful poetic machine going. Do you have the wherewithal, the jam, the love we need to keep the rocks rolling? If so, we want to hear from you. Click the button below to sign up as a volunteer.

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See you out there in the fields.