The Edmonton Poetry Festival Society is recruiting new board members.

E-mail expressions of interest to []
Deadline to apply: Jun 20, 2021, or until all positions are filled.

The Edmonton Poetry Festival welcomes prospective board members from all lived experiences, inviting and embracing perspectives from all cultural identities, sexual orientations, gender identities, religious beliefs, disabilities, age, and levels of education and experience.

The Edmonton Poetry Festival Society produces the annual Edmonton Poetry Festival, as well as other events throughout the year to enact our vision and mission to engage people from across the cultural diversity of the city as creators of and audiences for poetry. We work from dedicated commitments to further anti-racism and discrimination, to further equity, and to ensure that poetry is accessible and empowering to all.

We affirm that Edmonton’s culture is infused with the energy of poetry, as an essential literacy that stimulates connections with ways of seeing and being in the world. We believe in creating events where all participants—poets and audiences alike—are able to perform, create, listen to, study, and discuss poetry in an environment safe and free from discrimination and harassment, either verbal or physical.

We acknowledge that in order to truly fulfill that commitment, we must have a board that can represent and work with community and for community, in all its diversity. We do not require board members to be poets, but do seek people who support poetry.


Board Members


Learn more about the Festival at or on Twitter @edmpoetryfest.