I know what you’re thinking. The long weekend approacheth, and it’s been a hard winter. You’re still recovering from last week’s ridiculous blizzard, but your spring shoes are rousing from hibernation. You’ve moved from Maple Lattes to double Americanos; from Cabernet to Riesling; from oatmeal to fruit and cheese. You’re optimistic, but you dare not utter the word “spring”, for fear of a jinx. You are secretly delighted by the extended evening light, and your patio furniture is audibly restless. In a moment so personal that it barely registers outside your automated routine, you flip through your assortment of bottoms to your canvas garden shorts. You run your hand over the rugged cotton, admiring how it looks in the muffled closet light. How soon can we plant? Soon enough. Your day begins.

This Saturday, as you ponder your mortality and wonder where all the good poems have gone, our storied and always awesome cafe reading series continues:

Edmonton Poetry Festival Cafe Series
Saturday March 30, 2013
Audrey’s Books – 10702 Jasper Avenue
3:30 pm – 5 pm
Featuring Nicole Pakan and Michael Gravel
Open mic to follow

It would be most excellent to see you there, and I guarantee a good time will be had by all. You will hear wonderfully playful verse from Ms Pakan, and perhaps some craggy old croaks from Mr Gravel (that’s me). And don’t forget to bring a poem of your own…the world needs your verses.

Won’t you join us?