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February 22, 2013

Important Update For Our Saturday Reading Series Event

Important Update. Our always-awesome monthly reading series had had a CHANGE OF VENUE due to a water main break on 124 street. Our Monthly reading series will occur on Saturday February 23 as scheduled, ... Read More 

February 13, 2013

Get Set To Rock The Nation

This year, Edmonton welcomes Poet Laureates from across Canada from April 21st to April 28th, 2013! Parliamentary Poet Fred Wah, Toronto Laureate George Elliott Clarke and 13 other Laureates from across our vast country ... Read More 

February 13, 2013

Two PoFest Sponsored Readings Coming Up

Hey hepcats and hepkittens, I’m here to let you know about TWO upcoming reading events sponsored by your friendly neighbourhood poetry festival (that’s us). These two events are distinct, and both are awesome. Here ... Read More 

January 13, 2013

Donate to the Festival

Donate to the Festival By donating to the Edmonton Poetry Festival Society, you are helping the organization fulfil its mandate of delivering poetic goodness to the people of Edmonton and Alberta. You’re helping to ... Read More 

January 13, 2013

Burns Baby Burns!

January is the month for celebrating Robbie Burns Day – the birthday of the great Scottish poet. So for this month’s poetry event at Café Tiramisu, the Edmonton Poetry Festival will take an unorthodox ... Read More 

November 28, 2012

It's Membership Season!

With the holiday season squarely upon us, it is time to review the past year and re-affirm your priorities. Let’s start with the review. This past year, you bought coffee at Starbucks WAY too ... Read More 

November 23, 2012

Christmas Party / Poetry Reading This Saturday

Before you begin to scrape your windshield, you notice the peculiar patterns of frost, informed by your previous scrape. It would be kind, you think, to leave the marks untouched as a sign of ... Read More 

November 9, 2012

Friday Links V3

Well Edmonton, it’s Friday. We’re buried arse-deep in snow, the roads are like mashed potatoes, the sun hasn’t appeared for a few days, and it’s getting cold. What’s not to love? This weeks assortment ... Read More 

November 2, 2012

Friday Links V2

An assortment of links offered with no guarantees, and no hope for re-election. — Will Furguson wins the 2012 Giller Prize. I guess this surprises no one but me. I thought for sure MY ... Read More 

October 26, 2012

Friday Links

An assortment of cagey, interesting, scathing, and downright inspirational links. — Our friends at Edmonton’s Lit Fest are winding down their festival this weekend. You should check the schedule for this weekend’s events. — ... Read More 

October 25, 2012

Reading Series Runs This Saturday

Ah, winter. The wound that coaxes the thinnest blood. You may be content with shaking your woolen mittens over your ash-fired woodstove in a futile attempt at drying. Nobody would knock you for languishing ... Read More 

September 26, 2012

Urban Beats on City Streets

The Poetry Route’s latest batch of bus poems, Urban Beats, is now circulating on Edmonton transit vehicles. Our aim for this theme was to feature work from local inner-city voices; writers from outside the ... Read More