Well, you can’t run a big show like this and expect everything to go smoothly. We made a big scheduling “whoops” and we’re very sorry. Here’s what we did:

We didn’t list a bunch of poets on the schedule. These poets had signed up legitimately.

Here’s what we did to correct it:

We fixed the schedule and reposted it. You can check out the revised schedule here. If you were already on the schedule, nothing has changed for you. You’re still at the same venue at the same time. If you weren’t on the schedule, your name should now be slotted in for the events that you signed up for. Once again, you have our sincere apologies. No malice was intended, we just plain and simple messed up. Please have a look at the revised sked.

I’d like to pass on a few other notes, if that’s cool. Here’s a few points to keep in mind about your reading space and time:

The much-anticipated print sked is coming down the pipe and will be available for download on the evening of September 8, 2008. I know I promised September 6 originally, but as stated above, we had some issues. It’s on the way.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Only THREE days left till we start the “Word Party in Downtown E-Town!” Yeeee hooooo….