Oh boy, this is gonna be cool. We’re trying something a little different this year at the Edmonton Poetry Festival: A festival blog. You may be asking yourself, “wait a sec, isn’t the front page news a blog?” Well, kinda-sorta. From now on it’ll be used for official announcements and society updates. Think of it as the “news” channel.

Think of our new feature, Adam’s Festival Blog, as the hip, up-to-date station. It has a bit more pizzaz, and more “umph”, if you take my meaning. Mr. Adam Snider has many years in the trenches and he’s a damn fine writer. Here’s the link to Adam’s Festival Blog:


And if you’re savvy with the RSS Reader, you can subscribe to the blog feed here:


You should go there now and check out what Adam’s got goin’ on. Two posts and it’s only his first day on the job! He’ll be providing commentary and news for the duration of the festival, so stay tuned to that channel.