Edmonton Poetry Festival 2015

Ah, yes. Early mornings. All the things you’ve come to appreciate in your sleep drop away as the minutes creep closer to 7am. Coffee awaits somewhere out there. You might crack a book instead of checking email. The dog is still curled in its bed; the cat elsewhere. You’ve been attentive to time and light since mid-February, when the early hours suddenly became bright. Mornings get easier from here on in. The first week of March is to be savoured, for daylight savings time – an annual curse – is just around the corner. Cruel to lose an hour when hope is elusive you say. It’s time to re-read Jane Kenyon and be assured that everything moves. It’s time to put away Wendell Berry and leave snow out of the picture. Your morning, thick with all you cling to.

Poets and fans of poetry, it’s time to move. April 19 – 26, 2015 Poetry Moves in Edmonton. The Edmonton Poetry Festival is pleased to announce its 2015 schedule and author lineup:

Wowza! That’s heckuva show. A whopping 32 events. No less than 46 authors. We’ve crafted a diverse offering featuring poets of all stripes in shows that range from the quiet and contemplative to the beautifully visceral and furious. Some of these events are ticketed affairs, and we recommend that you pick up your tix early to avoid disappointment. Check the schedule for those events, they’re marked as such.

Keep in mind that members of the Edmonton Poetry Festival Society pay less for event tickets. You’ll save at least $5 off the regular door charge. That’s a Venti latte! Or 2.5 double-doubles! Don’t have a membership?

Join the EPF Society for $15 →

Ok, that’s enough of a hard sell. You know that the 2015 fest will rock, and you should start making plans to attend. In the coming weeks, we’ll be profiling a few of our headline authors, so stay tuned.

Poetry Moves, #yeg!