Media Information

This page contains information that may be used by media outlets interested in covering the Edmonton Poetry Festival in 2016.

The festival runs from April 16 to April 23, 2017.

Basic Information

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is Edmonton’s annual celebration of poetry and verse. The best place to get a grasp on the basics and history of the festival is our about page. There you’ll find a brief history of the festival with several points of interest.

Official Press Releases

Our front page news stream provides up-to-date information on festival happenings, and the news archive is a repository of all past announcements. Here’s a list of this year’s (2017) official press releases:

2017 – Press release #1

Headline Authors

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is a unique blend of events featuring both the local poetry community and esteemed, famous poets from around the world. Our author page showcases our lovely authors. If you’re not sure who is a “big name”, just drop us a line or contact Rayanne Doucet at the link below.

Media Contact

Your festival media contact is Rayanne Doucet, Executive Director of the festival. She may be contacted through our contact page or directly: