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OK PoHeads, it’s time to get all up in the social networking tools. In case you haven’t noticed, all the cool kids (and plenty of not-so-cool kids) are playing on Twitter and Facebook. These tools may be far from perfect but they can be fun and easy to use. And bottom line: When it comes to building, and communicating with, a community they’re essential.

So, if you haven’t checked us out on Facebook yet, you should do that right now. You’ll find our news updates there as well as other information. Become a fan! Do it, or I’ll send the Sweatshop team to your place for a nice little visit * cracks knuckles *.

We’ve just fired up the official Edmonton Poetry Festival Twitter stream as well. Our username is @edmpoetryfest. Also, for this year’s festival, we’re going with the hashtag “#yegpoetryfest10”, so use it and use it often. We went with the airport code because that seems to be a something of a standard here in E-Ville. We’ll be posting updates as well as participating in the conversation.

We’ll see y’all out on the internet. Together, let’s make this fest the best-documented, best-attended festival so far.