Liam Coady


LIAM COADY – For Edmonton-based poet, actor and organizer, Liam Coady, artistry, like life itself, is about bringing forces together and making meaningful connections. Liam’s own ability to bring together the physicality, intelligence and expansiveness of stage acting with the candour, potency and directness of poetry has made him a beloved local performer, and a spoken word poet of uncommon national distinction.

Liam, who is a graduate of the University of Alberta Drama Program, has used his keen actor’s intellect in conjunction with diverse, often character-based story-telling approaches to become one of Canada’s most accomplished young performance poets. Liam is a national team poetry slam champion, a former finalist of the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, and has been a featured performer at festivals and showcases throughout the country. As an actor, poet and playwright, he has made artistic and curatorial contributions to Found Festival (2016), NextFest and the Edmonton Poetry Festival, in addition to co-founding the Edmonton Poetry Brothel.

He is the author of the 2014 chapbook, Talks with the Immortal Jellyfish and frequently lends his poetic potency to genre-defying collaborations with dancers and musicians, most notably in the form of Tall Tales and The Tinkerbox, a project co-created with accomplished pianist and composer Leif Ingebrigtsen.

Beyond his considerable accolades and professional achievements, Liam’s work is special for its ability to foreground the human possibilities for social unity, personal resilience, love, triumph, and enduring hopefulness. Liam Coady’s poetry and artful prose brims with colour, quirk, humour and rhythmic dexterity. However, the lasting hallmarks of Liam’s poems, stories, dramas and lyrics are emotional in nature. All of Liam’s writing displays the heart and mind of an individual who has known pain and grief, but whose belief in the goodness of the world is true, deep, and nearly inexhaustible. Liam’s best work combines this underlying sense of goodness with a distinct creative sensibility. Admirers of Liam’s writing will note, with delight and gratitude, the combination of play, intrigue, fearlessness and whimsy that propels him into complex, emotionally-nuanced territory as a writer and performer. These subtleties, added to Liam’s raw kinetic sensitivity and innate musicality, give Liam an ever-captivating stage presence and make him a writer of genuinely challenging, sometimes daring material. Whether Liam Coady is offering his intelligence, creativity and genuine love to a play, a spoken word performance, or the organization of an artistic event, he is able to pull, from the sum of his experiences and modes of formal training, enough empathy, passion and skill to dynamically animate the world around him.

For his abilities as an artist, a professional and a pillar of community, Liam is an important change-maker within his home city of Edmonton, and a welcome voice for lovers of theatre and poetry wherever they may be across Canada and the world.