Brandon Wint


Brandon Wint is an Edmonton-based writer and poet who has graced stages and captured the attention of audiences across Canada with his unique spoken word performances since 2008. Through his insightful performance pieces, Wint encapsulates the subtle and remarkable beauty of the human condition. As a poet who has been part of two Canadian Festival of Spoken Word championship teams, and as one who has traveled the country performing poetry for diverse audiences, Wint has been exposed to many styles of poetry, many ways of relating, and many different artistic aesthetics. By now, he is a veteran of the Canadian spoken word community, having performed all over Canada as both as a solo artist and as part of The Recipe Poetry Troupe. His spoken word pieces have been recorded and included on four compilation albums, and his poetry has been published in national anthologies. Brandon is also the author of the collection Love, Our Master (In/Words Press, 2014). Brandon is a poet of unique national distinction and renown whose love of the stage and authentic connection orients his performance-style and makes his an unconventional, necessary voice within the spoken word landscape.

As an experienced facilitator of poetry-writing tutorials and workshops, and a former student of Carleton University’s English program, Brandon brings practical know-how and authenticity to his pedagogy. As an arts-educator, Brandon is most interested in helping other poets find the voice of their deepest sincerity and most resonant inner-truth; he encourages his students to use the story-telling potential of poetry to help them better know their personal stories, ambitions, needs and challenges. By creating spaces of warmth, honesty and trust as a facilitator, Brandon has helped many poets across Canada better understand the powerful healing potential that poetry possesses when it is married to an authentic, soul-searching intention.