Poetry Moves on Transit

Welcome to Poetry Moves on Transit, a program that places poetry on ETS (Edmonton Transit System) vehicles.

Fall 2018 Call for Submissions

Poetry Moves on Transit – Short poems, embracing all peoples, take centre stage on public transit.

The Edmonton Poetry Festival is looking for poems to travel on the city’s buses this winter. In this round of Poetry Moves we’re asking for your poems about any theme or topic. What moves you to write? What do you want to share with the city? We want to learn about your stories. We want to hear your voice. Any free-verse or rhyme you can riff, we want to receive!

Four poems will be chosen from the submissions, and the deadline for submissions is October 19th, 2018.

Submission guidelines:

Submission deadline: October 19, 2018.

We strongly encourage members of First Nations, POC and LGBTQ+2 communities to submit!

The Edmonton Poetry Festival organizes the bus poetry project with support from the Edmonton Arts Council.

About Poetry Moves on Transit

Poetry Moves on Transit is an Edmonton Poetry Festival project that puts short poems into public transit vehicles. Three times a year we circulate a new flight of four poems in 800 ETS buses. Poems selected for the project are funded primarily by the Edmonton Arts Council.