The Top 25 Poems - Poetry Moves on Transit

Poetry Moves on Transit

Because we received so many spectacular poems in our last round of Poetry Moves on Transit, we have decided to publish the Top 25 poems.

You can read the Top 25 poems, including the four winners, here.

Congratulations to the four winners again (Nicole Lachat, Kelly Shepherd, Hailey Siracky, Elisia Snyder), as well as to these other fine poets: Kat Cameron, Caley Campkin, Luciana Erregue-Sacchi, Stephanie French, Leif Gregersen, Stephen Gust, Amy Kaler, Abigail MacBeth, Mark A. McCutcheon, Wendy McGrath, Marco Melfi, Patti Sinclair, Rudy Smith, Cliff Therou, and T. Isabella Yellowbird!